Documenting Britain is a creative response to the British Isles by a group of artists, photographers, filmmakers, composers and poets. Our collective purpose is to deliver a critical record of the archipelago on which we live.

“The historian takes possession of the past by interpreting traces, whereas the trace of the past happens to the stroller and takes possession of him. Let us not claim, however, that nothing happens to the historian; undoubtedly his desire also involves an anticipation, a curiosity with regard to what will come to him from the past, what he will discover in the shadows and encounter. There is often a stroller at the heart of each historian, a part of him that is trying to let himself be touched by the traces.”

Sylviane Agacinski, Time Passing, 2003

Documenting Britain was founded in 2013 by Alastair Cook.

Website by Jonathan Jouty.