Documenting Britain

Project M

The work being undertaken for Documenting Britain is focused on one locale within Glasgow. Project M will attempt to examine an urban area and its people and see if different narrative strands emerge from that work.

A Photographic Journey of a People and a Place

What is a place, a people? Do the people make that place?

My work concentrates on people – the person in their environment, their landscapes in life. In the past, this work has taken me to Poland, the Netherlands and outposts in my own country such as Tiree.

This time I have decided to explore my own doorstep, my area.

Project M is the short working title for a project on the greater Maryhill area in Glasgow. Maryhill is an area that has undergone and continues to undergo great demographic change. The buildings, the people, the landscape.

For Documenting Britain I am looking further into this, not at an outpost or a far flung location but at what is facing me everyday. The people and the stories, the experiences and history. It is an adventure in a social landscape I think I know well, but which I sense – perhaps hope – I will discover otherwise.