Documenting Britain

The Visible and the Visual

As part of Documenting Britain, I will develop a series of sound works that uses field recordings from the British landscape. The land and the sea, the culture, people, and spirit that lay in the present, the past, and the imagined.

Above the Clouds

Above the land are the clouds, and above them is our imagination. It’s a landscape of possibilities we can’t reach but perceive beyond our senses.

I focus on the reflections on the surface of the water, and the dark patches shed over the mountaintops. The calm river sound defies its course and lifts itself upstream, mid-air, up the mountain spine. It elevates its energy with the wind.

Here the voices in the wind gather in a choir, they sing to my ears in their own language. I try to understand it, translate it as if it were a song. But the words spin and clash. The murmurs break into shouts and whispers, then cries.
It’s a vortex that eventually dissipates into vapor.
It leaves the mountains with no traces to be found.
It is suspended, omnipresent in the ether.
It’s biophilia.