Documenting Britain

Small Town Inertia

I am a carer in my family home, an award winning social documentary photographer and member of the Aletheia Photo Collective. For Documenting Britain I will be showcasing 35mm print film from Small Town Inertia.

As Cold As Clay

Throughout the course of 2014, I’ve visited David frequently, documenting his daily routines, listening to his memories, fears, dreams and frustrations as he has navigated a year filled with challenges as a result of his being blinded in a freak accident, and the loss of his beloved Mother, Eugene.

Eugene’s passing has left a wound, for David, every part as brutal as the loss of his sight. Days, weeks alone, isolation and enforced solitude permeate every waking day and night.

Fear of the outside world has taken centre stage, fear of bullying, verbal abuse from unseen strangers, as he makes his way through the crowded streets and roads into market town for food.

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