Documenting Britain


My Documenting Britain project is an exploration of remote communities in the north of Scotland. My interest is in the visual relationship between these settlements and their surrounding natural environment. I see this as a long-term project and hope that this work will not only be a study of landscape, but also highlight issues that these communities face.

The Ross of Mull

I’m finally getting round to editing and processing some of the material I produced for Northlands last summer. It quite often takes me a while to catch up with this, but I find it useful to ‘live with’ new work for some time – helps me get to grips with how I feel about it. Editing is a part of the process I really enjoy, and I’m finding the act of posting new work here very helpful in focusing my thoughts.

The Ross of Mull is the name given to the large peninsula extending about 20 miles at the south-west of the island of Mull. Many thousands of tourists drive along it’s ‘main’ road each year, heading to the island of Iona, but few take time to explore the crofting communities scattered around it’s coast – places like Bunessan, Uisken, Fionnphort and Pennyghael. Last summer I spent time wandering – driving & walking some of the backroads…