Documenting Britain

Space: Time

My Documenting Britain project is a series of images focusing on everywhere I have lived from my birth to the present day, entitled Space: Time. It will look at the passing of time through the physical spaces we inhabit.

Teenage Wildlife

At this precise moment I am in the very early stages of planning a couple of new projects. This involves research, maps, thinking (a lot of thinking) and most of all time. At this stage I have not even got far enough down the line to carry out a recce or take any test shots. That all lies ahead, and after such a long cold winter I am going to wait until the weather warms up a bit.

I have instead decided to upload some images I took a year or so ago. Having suddenly found myself a stepdad to a teenage girl, Eilidh, I quickly found myself in a world of hormones, confusion and absurdity that I had not known since my own teenage years in the late 80s.

I wanted to capture Eilidh and her group of friends just at the point when childhood is morphing into adulthood. This happily coincided with a period in their lives when a strange fashion for a swept-over fringe was all the rage. I am very fond of these images and find myself constantly drawn to those hairstyles - I laughed at them then and I’m still laughing at them now…

Although now they are all at University and College their friendship endures but sadly, their hairstyles have not.